PESHAWAR - The internal clash among the activists of two groups blemished the proceedings of the 45th foundation day ceremony of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) at Governor House, Peshawar, on Friday.

Sticks and chairs were openly used in the scuffle, wherein two PPP workers were injured, and the organisers had to invite the PPP, KPK, President Anwar Saifullah Khan to wind up the proceedings amidst severe shouting of the two conflicting parties.

The disturbances started when the PPP leader Syed Ayub Shah announced names of the president and general secretary for the new cabinet of the party for district Peshawar. The supporters of sitting district president Israrullah Nehqi started a protest when the names of sitting MPA Malik Tehmas Khan and Ghazanfar Ali were announced as district president and general secretary.

The infuriated activists moved towards the stage and started shouting slogans against the party leadership. The dissident jiyalas also tried to stop the speakers from addressing the audience.  The supporters of new district president, Malik Tehmas Khan, also started chanting slogans, which led to fight. Both the groups used sticks against each other, resulting in injuries to two workers. The stage secretary instead of inviting the others speakers invited the provincial president Anwar Saifullah Khan but the supporters of Israrullah Nehqi continued their protest and slogans near the stage.

Later talking to reporters, the PPP leader Israrullah Nehqi asked the provincial leadership to withdraw its decision regarding the formation of cabinet for district Peshawar. He said they would not accept any decision taken without the consultation of the workers.

He said the party leadership had invited the district cabinet, Town and Union councils cabinets and assured them that all the changes would be made with their consultation but today on the installation ceremony of the party, the names for the new cabinet for district Peshawar was announced. Such decisions within nights, he said had created unrest among the workers and they demonstrated their anger against the sudden decisions. He said the leadership should have brought the changes through democratic way. He said they would not accept any decision if was taken without taking them into confidence. He said they would continue their protest if the leadership did not review and withdraw their decision.

Addressing on the occasion, the provincial president Anwar Saifullah Khan said that he would remove workers grievances within 10 days. He asked the workers to concentrate on strengthening the party instead of on their personal differences. He said they would establish peace in KP within six months if were given power. The restoration of peace, he said would bring economic prosperity.

He said new election would be held within next three months and this time the office of the prime minister would be given to KPK. It, he said was his province’s right to be given the office of the prime minister and no one could snatch this right from them. He said he would take all decisions with the consultation of workers.

Expressing concern over the workers protest, he said this was not the proper procedure for protest assuring them all of their grievances would be removed within next 10 days. He said after winning elections, the ministers, advisors and vice chancellors would be from the PPP and the workers would feel no sense of deprivation. He said he would ensure the workers could get their rights. He said the divisional presidents would send the names of candidates for the national and provincial assembly, which would be sent for approval to the co-chairperson Asif Zardari. The provincial ministers and leaders were present.