LAHORE - Punjab University Vice Chancellor Dr Mujahid Kamran has said that according to a survey conducted by a Jewish scholar, the number of avoidable deaths of humans from 1950 to 2005 is counted 1.30 billion out of which 600 millions are Muslims who fell prey to wars and scarcity.

He was addressing the first orientation ceremony of PU College of Information Technology New Campus. On the occasion, PUCIT Principal Prof Dr Mansoor Sarwar, senior faculty members including Chaudhry Hamid, Umair Baber and a large number of newly admitted students were present.

Dr Kamran said that the number of Muslims out of world’s whole 6-7 billion population was 1.40 billion but had no value. He said the total population of the United States was 310 million but it was usurping land and resources of the world whenever and wherever it wanted. He said that human beings had developed extra-ordinarily dangerous weapons and the powers who contained these weapons wanted to impose their will on others.

Terming massacre of Muslims as “Muslim Holocaust”, Dr Kamran said that the cancer rate in Faloja was four times higher than Hiroshima and Nagasaki’s. He said that knowledge was the headspring of power and Jews, being very small in number, had won many Nobel prizes and were controlling knowledge and research.

He said that Muslims were facing these problems because it had been eliminated from their hearts that they were to rule and lead the world. He said that the average spending of the countries on education was 4 to 5 percent of total of their GDP but on the contrary, Pakistan had reduced its spending on education from 2 percent to around one per cent.

He said that the problems would continue unless the Muslims returned to knowledge because weakness was a sin in the system of nature and the Muslims were weak because of illiteracy. He advised the students to demand politicians coming to them for vote allocation of at least 4 percent of GDP towards education. He advised them to be expert of their subjects with qualities of character and adopt reading habits.

In his inaugural address, PUCIT Principal Dr Mansoor Sarwar said that for the first time, IT classes had been started at New Campus and another 360 seats were created for PUCIT New Campus.

He said that although the number of seats was increased, but, surprisingly, the last merit was higher than the last year’s. He said that PUCIT was producing largest number of quality IT graduates among public sector institutions and students were getting job offers from 7th semester.

He advised the students to be punctual, follow the rules and get benefit from country’s oldest and highest seat of learning.