LAHORE - Pakistan premier Faysalbank Twenty20 Cup tournament set to explode today (Saturday) at three different venues of city, Gaddafi Stadium, Bagh-e-Jinnah and LRCA ground amid tight security.

Pakistan Cricket Board should monitor umpire decisions, appointed for the tournament at the different views, as umpiring standard in domestic cricket is declining day-by-day since person heading the department taking no interest in his job.

PCB chief Zaka Ashraf should appoint a three-member committee to monitor umpire decisions at each venue to hold the event free of controversies.

It is a state of sorry that controversial decisions taken by the umpires in the ongoing Grade-I President’s Cup and Under-19 Cricket tournaments have saddened the management of participant teams and they lodged complaints against match umpires but no one paid heed to their complaints.

It is also worth mentioning here that PCB has installed two cameras in the grounds to make video of match and the video sent to Pakistan Cricket Board but it felt that nobody has been assigned the task by the PCB Director Domestic Cricket Zakir Khan to check and submit reports over match situation and umpiring decisions.

Pakistan Cricket Board chief Zaka Ashraf must replace director domestic cricket and bring in an honest and dedicated person to perform duty sincerely in a bid to improve umpire’s standard.

It is unfortunate that due to poor umpiring at domestic level, Pakistan failed to produce umpires likes Aleem Dar, who won ICC Umpire of the Year three times in a row, and Asad Rauf. After these two umpires no other umpire could make to ICC Elite Panel of Umpire to perform duty at international level.

Once Aleem Dar requested to Pakistan Cricket Board to give central contracts to umpire to improve the standard of umpiring in domestic cricket but his request turns down by the authorities. If Pakistan Cricket Board wants to improve its domestic standard of game, it must reconsider the request of Aleem Dar.

Pakistan Cricket Board chief Zaka Ashraf also takes note of the poor umpiring that is on rise in the domestic cricket and placed some good officials at the post of Director Domestic Cricket to fulfil his dream of boosting Pakistan domestic structure to hunt and groom new talent to replace the seniors whom careers are nearing to end.

It is to be noted that poor umpiring complaints being launched by the coaches and managers of the participant teams in the Grade-1 President’s Trophy underway across the country but due to lack of interest of director domestic cricket Zakir Khan, matter is being worsened as director either does not take interest or incapable of resolving the issue.

It is imperative for the promotion of domestic cricket in country that umpiring should be fair and every youngsters get equal chance to prove his credentials and to make it to the Pakistan team.

This is crucial issue and should be resolved as early as possible for the promotion of domestic cricket to produce good players as Pakistan has no dearth of talent in the country.

But the poor and inconsistent umpiring issue needs the Pakistan Cricket Board chief attention and umpires being blamed for poor decisions should be sacked and honest umpires be inducted to save cricket from total disaster. It is an obvious fact that poor decisions could ruin the future of a number of good players and compelled them to leave the game of cricket.

The match referee also not take any interest in the umpires decision and never bother to forward teams’ coaches and managers’ complaints and to the concerned authorities of the Pakistan Cricket Board.

PCB chief Zaka Ashraf is seeking help from foreign coaches and Pakistani legend players to boost domestic structure and with a broad vision trying his best to bring improvement in domestic cricket structure in search of new talent to be inducted into the national team. He is also trying his best to make Pakistan No 1 team in the cricket world by implementing his plan.

Meanwhile, Director Domestic Cricket Zakir Khan’s statement during the Faysalbank T20 Cup trophy unveiling ceremony created a rift between Pakistan Cricket Board and Punjab government but due to personal efforts of the Lahore Region Cricket Association president Kh Nadeem the matter has been resolved amicably.

Zakir claimed in his statement that the security provision will be a test case for Punjab government. Zakir Khan statement was very damaging one and can spoil the improving relations between the Pakistan Cricket Board and Punjab government and can prove harmful for cricket revival for which Pakistan Cricket Board chief Zaka Ashraf is working at national and international levels. Zakir Khan’s statement came at a time when all issues were settled between Pakistan Cricket Board and Punjab government.

Pakistan Cricket Board chief Zaka Ashraf should take action over Director domestic cricket’s statement to avoid any controversy in future that may damage his efforts he is doing for the revival of international cricket to Pakistan.