ISLAMABAD - Family of an Islamabad-based businessman alleged on Friday that Islamabad Capital Territory Police have not only booked the businessman in a fake case but they were also threatening the family of dire consequences.

Addressing a packed press conference at National Press Club, the businessman’s family requested to journalists to expose corrupt and notorious police officials who booked the businessman in a fake case just to grab money from the other party.

Mehmood Jilani, son-in-law of businessman Ghulam Rabbani, told journalists that it all started on October 18, 2012 when unidentified man tried to kidnap Rabbani’s daughter at gunpoint for ransom. Rabbani managed to overpower the kidnapper who was later identified as Jameel Masih. Rabbani got an FIR registered against the kidnapper with Shehzad Town Police Station. The kidnapper told a sessions judge that he was hired by Afsheen Abid to kidnap the girl.

According to Jillani, the accused Masih told sessions court in written statement that Mohammad Abid hired his services to kidnap businessman’s daughter against payment of Rs 0.5 million.

Shahzad Town police, Jilani told journalists, had registered a case against Afsheen Abid on the basis of Masih’s statement, however, influential lady managed to secure pre-arrest bail.

Masih, who used to be a security guard at Sardar Ghulam Rabbani’s rent-a-car parking lot, also admitted that he had stolen three signed cheques from Rabbani’s car which were used against the businessman later on, Jillani told journalists.

Afsheen Abid, an influential lady, used these “stolen” signed cheques, Jillani alleged, against his father-in-law and managed to send him jail.

“The lady using her connections with top police bureaucrats and police officials has landed my father-in-law in jail. My father-in-law has no business contacts with her, so there is question of giving signed cheques to her, rather she managed to steal the cheques and then got all those dishonoured from banks to land him in jail,” Jilani told reporters.

According to sources, Sardar Ghulam Rabbani knew Afsheen Abid from his time when the former was working as human rights officer at Shahzad Town police station.

TheNation learnt on good authority that Afsheen Abid used to rent cars from Rabbani’s rent-a-car business. However, she got annoyed when Rabbani asked her to pay the dues.

According to businessman’s family, the sharp lady tried to kidnap Rabbani’s daughter. Later on, she managed to steal some cheques and conspired with police to book him on fake charges. Family of businessman requested Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry to take notice of plight of businessman and protect them from the connivance of the police.