QUETTA: Three more polio cases were reported in Killa Abdullah district of Balochistan on Friday, indicating the failure of the government to inoculate children against the virus.

The Independent Monitoring Board of the Global Polio Eradication has banned Pakistanis to travel abroad without confirmation of vaccination against the Polio virus.

World Health Organization's (WHO) delegation led by MuhammediMuhammed reached Quetta to examine polio-victims in Balochistan.

Muhammed said that at least 4 cases of polio were reported in Balochistan this year, adding that three were reported on Thursday in Killa Abdullah district.

He said that inoculation against polio was pending for two months in the province and the delay was causing the spread of polio.

He said that 10 cases found in the province were of type 2which was not considered a polio case by the WHO.

Muhammedsaid that he had a meeting with the Quetta commissioner, deputy commissioner and deputy commissioners of Killa Abdullahand Pishin.

"It was decided in the meeting that anti-polio drives would be launched in KillaAbudllah, Quetta and Pishin because the polio cases were being reported in those regions," Muhammed said.

According to him, the campaigns would be conducted in three districts separately from 10 to 12 December, 23 to 25 December and 7 to 9 January.

"Although Balochistan is taking measure to overcome the polio virus, 73 polio cases were reported last year in the province. In 2012, four cases have been reported along with 10 cases of type 2," he said.

He urged the provincial government to conduct the anti-polio campaign to stem the polio virus.

However, anti-polio drives face difficulties in the province due to turbulent law and order situation and the unwillingness of the parents in some districts to cooperate with vaccinators. A vaccinator was killed in Quetta this year which scared away the volunteers from the campaign.