OKARA - PPP Punjab President Manzoor Ahmad Wattoo said on Friday that his party would defeat the PML-N in the general elections across the Punjab province.

Talking to the media at Chorusta and Depalpur, he said that Shahbaz Sharif was constructing a 'Berlin wall' (the Metro Bus System) with iron in Lahore whereas the whole Punjab was in the grip of backwardness, poverty and lawlessness. There is a rule of dacoits in the province, he added.

He stressed the need for tolerance in politics. "Pulling lags has become a common practice in the national politics but we believe in fair politics. The people have become conscious in the age of satellite in 21st Century and are well acquainted with difference between right and wrong. They cannot be hoodwinked through revolutionary poems," he said.

"In hard times, they left the people in the lurch by leaving the country whereas PPP Chairman Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and Benazir Bhutto faced dictatorship. They gave their blood to the democracy plant," Wattoo said. He also said that the PML-N leadership was confused after the Supreme Court's decision in the Asghar Khan case. He was of the view that they (PML-N leaders) should now quit politics.

'PSF, PYO MERGER SOON': People's Students Federation Punjab secretary general Ijaz Ahmad Gul said that the PSF and People's Youth Organisation would be merged soon. He said that two of their members were agents of Zia dictatorship. They are just creating clashes between the PSF and PYO, he added.

On the occasion, Ijaz Ahmad, another office-bearer, said he had repeatedly informed Faryal Talpur about the anti-PPP elements' misdeeds but his voice was suppressed in Zardari House.