LAHORE - Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif on Saturday has said that keeping in view welfare of masses the PML-N government has evolved a revolutionary scheme –the ‘Khidmat Programme’.

The CM while talking to the Members National Assembly of various districts said under this programme, targeted subsidy would be provided to the poorest families as Khidmat Programme would give Rs1000 per month to families living below the poverty line. He said that targeted programme to be implemented from January next would provide relief 13 lakh families during current financial year.

Dr Hafeez ur Rehman Khan Dreshak, Muhammad Talal Chaudhary, Rai Mansab Ali and others were present at the meeting.

The CM said that all possible resources are being utilized to lessen the economic burden and raise the living standard of deprived segments of the society. He said that Punjab government is pursuing a comprehensive strategy for providing relief to poorest families. He said that health insurance scheme is being launched for providing quality health facilities to the poor people. The CM said that initially health insurance scheme will be launched from Hafizabad, Chakwal, Rajanpur and Layyah and later its scope would be extended throughout the province under a phased programme. He said that Punjab government has decided to set up Punjab Rozgar Bank for providing jobs to youth. He said that soft term loans would be provided to the youth through Punjab Rozgar Bank for starting their business. Shahbaz Sharif said that Educational Endowment Fund Programme with a sum of Rs12 billion is continuing successfully in education sector and educational scholarships have been provided to more than 50 thousand talented deserving students. He said that Punjab government is holding sastay bazaars thrice a week throughout the province where essential items are being provided at cheaper rates than market and 20 kg flour bag at ex-mill rate. The Chief Minister said that land record is being computerised at a cost of Rs11 billion in 36 districts of the province through Land Record Information and Management System. He said that Land Record Information and Management System will be completed by 2014 in Punjab and after completion of this project, patwar culture will be eliminated and ownership deed (fard malkiat) will be available to common man within thirty minutes.

Shahbaz Sharif said that PML-N government is working round the clock for coping with the energy crisis and expressed the hope that energy crisis will be overcome soon. He said that the work on the project of Quaid-e-Azam Solar Park at 11 thousand acres land is going on speedily in Bahawalpur. He expressed the hope that the local and foreign companies will invest more than 200 billion rupees in Quaid-e-Azam Solar Park.