Monopolies are hurdles for any nation’s development therefore it is very important to stop all monopolies and allow everyone equal opportunity to compete. Such free market also benefit the consumers, as it allows the lowering of price of commodities during fair competition. A perfect example of this is the Pakistan telecom sector, which has total freedom, allowing Pakistani users to enjoy one of the lowest call charges in the region due to not allowing monopolies.

How are monopolies set? Here is a real example of a monopoly set by our Ex-President Asif Zardari during his tenure he bought Murree Breweries. Since the company manufactures alcohol and he wanted to establish his monopoly, the President ordered the seizure of all foreign alcohol in Islamabad. That year the police made record confiscation of foreign alcohol, under some estimates the alcohol seized was worth 180,000 $.

This established a clear monopoly for his company, resulting in record sale of Murree Brewery, where on average the quarterly profits of the company rose to 260 million Rupees. This is how you establish a monopoly and this process is followed by most of our leaders. Therefore I would like to request the Government to enact a law where it forbids anyone from acquiring properties, businesses and then create a monopoly while they are active in politics or hold any judicial or honourary position.


Peshawar, November 26.