SUKKAR- JUI-F has announced to observe country wide strike on December 5 and hold protest rally in Islamabad, against the murder of Dr Khalid Soomro.

JUI-F Chief Maulana Fazl ur Rehman has said, Dr Soomro martyrdom is a big tragedy. We cannot run after killers, government should admit it is helpless.

He said this while addressing a press conference today, along with Senator Abdul Ghafoor Haidri and Hafiz Hussain Ahmad after offering condolence to the family members of Dr Khalid Soomro. Maulana Fazl alleged leaders of religious parties are being targeted. Government should apprehend the killers or admit that rulers are helpless so that everyone could hold the gun to defend one self.

“We believe in peaceful protest within the parameters of constitution and law. It cannot be done as such that we stay peaceful and killers keep on attacking us. I have been attacked upon 3 times,” he underlined.

He observed that attacks on important figures are tantamount to wrap up political process. They want to make politicians helpless so that political environment comes under the sway of militants. Democratic politics cannot flourish in the prevailing situation, he remarked.

Coming hard on US, JUI-F chief said US is targeting Muslim world since 2001 and it wants war to tilt the geographical changes in its favor. It wants to subjugate the whole world by dividing it geographically, he alleged.

Islamabad is under the target of US since 2001, he said “it should be investigated as to why Pakistani ambassador in US issued visas to Americans in such large number. Black water is involved in terrorism in Pakistan,” he charged. Only Taliban cannot be dubbed terrorists, he added. Brushing aside Imran Khan’s allegations he said, rigging took place in KPK too and he is ruling there and is making hue and cry in Punjab.