LAHORE - The administration of General Bus Stand Badami Bagh on Sunday evening allowed the transporters to take passengers for North Punjab cities including Islamabad after closure of the stand for 36 hours.

The administration on Saturday morning forcibly blocked the buses traveling to Islamabad in an apparent bid to stop people to participate in PTI’s rally scheduled to be held in federal capital on Sunday.

Commuters faced severe shortage of public transport at city routes as well due to closing of the transport by authorities. The situation in other cities of Punjab was remained same during past 36 hours.

Transporters alleged they had been threatened that punitive actions would be taken if any vehicle of any company was found heading towards Islamabad.

“The road transport authorities and traffic police have threatened against cancellation of routes of buses and wagons as well as impounding our vehicles,” they said.

The move badly affected thousands of people who otherwise were not PTI supporters but were going towards Islamabad and other cities in North Punjab for their personal work.

Some local TV reported that the General Bus Stand was sealed and buses were not allowed to take passengers toward north Punjab cities but opened on Sunday evening. The Bus Stand administration, however, held that they sealed the stand for cleanliness. Dozens of passengers complained that their necessary traveling was stopped by the government to the said cities. They moved to the other bus terminals and faced great difficulties to travel due to shifting of rush at other terminals.