HO CHI MINH CITY  - Lack of knowledge about the basic concept of Corporate Social Responsibility is one the basic reason that the media organisations in Asia in general are not much interested to touch the topic and publish news stories on this subject.

It was discussed in a conference Asia’s Approach to Professional Corporate Social Responsibility recently organised by Konard Adenauer Stiftung in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Experts and media people from different countries of Asia took party in the conference and shared their views on the subject. Speakers at the conference discussed the challenges that Asia as a whole was facing in the promotion of Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives and also discussed the media’s approach to this particular topic. Panelists stressed on the need that the media must report the issues related to Corporate Social Responsibility to maintain a check and balance on the corporate sector and it should also report positive developments and projects started by different organisations under Corporate Social Responsibility to encourage the private sector become more active in this field.

Speakers were of the view that mostly the media people are used to search for the scams as such stories are considered the best selling stories. But it is also the responsibility of media to highlight good initiatives taken by corporate sector. The major reason that stops media people from reporting CSR initiatives taken by different corporations is that they are used to always smell a rat in every move made by these organisations and consider that they must have started a CSR project just to benefit their organisation. Here comes the point that there is not enough understanding about CSR among the media people because it has not been told or explained in a proper manner. The two day conference whereas also discussed about the irresponsible behavior of business organisations towards their Corporate Social Responsibility. Speakers also stressed on the need to such issues to accountable the corporations for their responsibilities that they are not fulfilling. KAS Regional Representative for Economic Policy and Resident Representative for Japan, Paul Linnarz concluded, “Conference is really crucial as it aims to discuss the challenges, chances and implementation of CSR policies in Asia.

 For the purpose it is needed that the media people should be well aware of the subject but realistically speaking very few have a knowledge that what CSR is and how it works”.

He also said that there must be a balance while reporting the issues related to CSR. If an organisation is not observing its responsibilities towards CSR that must be reported but at the same if an organisation that comes up with a good project started under the head of CSR that should also be reported to encourage others to take part in such activities and that could benefit the society at large in the longer run’ he added.