LAHORE - Spokesman for the Punjab government Syed Zaeem Hussain Qadri has termed Imran Khan’s show a total failure and said he is laying blames on others for his flop protest sit-in.

Zaeem stated on Sunday that after people had rejected his call for the participation in his show, Imran Khan should not test patience of his people and his workers any more. He said the objective of Imran Khan was nothing but to reach the power just to satisfy his ego when the fact he had failed to even run the government of a province.

Zaeem said even the PTI workers and the activists stayed away from attending the rally in Islamabad seeing through the hidden purpose of Imran Khan.

He said the disappointment of a flop show was clearly telling on the face of Imran Khan.

He advised Khan to give up the protest course and attend to services of the people in KPK where his party government is installed. He said Imran Khan must know the change can come only through ballot and sit-in and the people have proved that they do not believe in the politics of protest.

Qadri also noted the Imran Khan spent a lot of time sitting hidden in the container as the public attendance at the rally was quite dismaying. He asked Khan to leave stubbornness and come to the parliament to make the system stronger and the country prosperous.