ISLAMABAD  - Different political parties have rejected the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief's announced Plan C for fair investigation of poll rigging.

Political gurus suggested Imran Khan to resolve political issues through politics.

Talking to The Nation, Parliamentary Leader of Awami National Party in the Senate Haji Adeel criticised PTI chief's announced Plan C to jam all big cities of the country for investigation of rigging in general elections. He said that no doubt PTI's gathering was larger than last two processions in the federal capital but he should pressurise the Supreme Court to announce the judicial commission for investigation of the election rigging, as the government has already written a letter to the apex court in this regard. Haji Adeel said Imran should shift his sit-in infront of Supreme Court for formation of the judicial commission, instead of blocking all leading cities of the country. He mentioned that economy of Pakistan would be affected due to Imran's plan C. He said it was not a way to put pressure on government for probe in PTI demanded constituencies.  

Spokesman of JUI-F Jan Muhammad Achakzai shared his party reaction on Imran’s speech saying PTI chief misguided the people during his speech and he blamed Maulana Fazal that JUI-F blocked the KPK and other cities with the consent of government to create hurdles for PTI workers to attend the rally. He condemned Imran’s statement saying PTI procession was not a threat for the government and especially JUI-JF. He said JUI-F top leadership was busy in funeral ceremony of killed JUI-F leader Khalid Somoro in Larkana. He mentioned that Imran's Plan C would fail just like plan A and B.

Imran should stay in KP where he formed government and wait the general election 2018, he added.

Jamat-e-Islami Secretary General Liaquat Baloch appealed the government and PTI to resolve the political issues through negotiation and political way. He said that both were ignoring the issues of people and going toward point of no return, which would not be good for democracy. He said the success of Plan C of Imran Khan would depend on response of all three big cities. Imran did not speak loud on the issues of common people during his speech, he added.

Senior Leader of Pakistan People Party (PPP) Nadeem Afzal Chan shared his views with The Nation saying Imran could not achieve his target without the support of other political parties and he should go to other political leaders. Chan said Imran’s Plan C will not be a good strategy to attract people and put pressure on government and he cannot block the cities through this plan. He said that PTI needs to focus on the development of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and it should introduce new policies for betterment of people of KP, instead of sit-ins and strikes. He mentioned that next year will not be the year of election.