Match-fixing, match-fixing, match-fixing- that was all that was said, and re-said in the first twenty minutes of Imran Khan’s November 30th war speech where he was to unveil “Plan C” to get rid of the PML-N government. He said that he wanted justice for the sake of democracy, but didn’t know that all were party to the match-fixing. He claimed that 7 million additional ballot papers were printed two to three days before the elections, while arch nemesis Federal Minister Saad Rafique of the PMLN called these allegations a pack of lies. Rafique said that over 200,000 votes were cast in NA-124 and PTI’s Hamid Khan didn’t challenge even a single vote. He also said that Imran Khan had not filed references against Returning Officers and that Khan was responsible for the failure of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, not the PMLN.

Did Imran Khan lose his best opportunity when COAS offered to guarantee the deal with the government? He’s just been a wet firecracker ever since. There is actually nothing new to say there, we have heard it all before and experienced it all before at the hands of the PTI. Imran is going around in circles with his tour of Pakistan and return to Lahore and Islamabad. And the PMLN government is just letting things happen to it as it always has. Incompetent and lazy, but they will complete term. Imran Khan said the entire leadership complained of rigging; yet only the PTI rose up in protest. Everyone was involved in the… yes you guessed it… match-fixing.

Great news for Lahore: Imran Khan coming on Thursday! To shut the city down. He has proposed to lockdown Lahore on Thursday, December 4 if his demand of an impartial inquiry of 2013 general elections is not met. And on the 16th he will shut down the whole of Pakistan. Because he can. He’s the all important, all knowing messiah. If Plan C doesn’t work, Imran has a Plan D. But this constant barrage of plans and dharnas only means that he has no real plan. The plan is just to agitate and disrupt until he gets his way. Imran lost the element of surprise long ago, and the PML-N isn’t half as perturbed as they were in August.