Benedict Cumberbatch will ‘delight’ in any prize that Eddie Redmayne wins this season. The British stars are often pitted against each other in the press, but in reality they are good friends. Both are generating awards buzz this year, for Benedict thanks to The Imitation Game and for Eddie his turn in The Theory of Everything.

‘It’s not rivalry. It’s a friendship,’ Benedict insisted to British magazine Hello! ‘I will be the first person on my feet if Eddie wins any of the prizes he will rightfully be nominated for - I will be front and centre, screaming, clapping and delighting in any accolade that is thrown his way.

People can try to whip it up between us all they like - Eddie and I will just stand back and laugh at you all.’

Benedict stars as enigma code breaker Alan Turing, while Eddie portrays famed scientist Stephen Hawking. Benedict’s star has soared over the last few years, with roles on iconic small screen series Sherlock as well as blockbusters like Star Trek. He still can’t believe his life has changed so much.

‘It’s been such an embarrassment of riches coming my way that it’s been very, very hard to turn down,’ he said. ‘Which is quite something for me because I am actually incredibly lazy and I love nothing better than to kick back, see friends and family and just go on a few holidays. But it is a crazy schedule I have sometimes and right now is the most bizarre it’s ever been. The next couple of weeks are going to be incredibly busy; to tell you the truth I’m terrified about them.’

With more work comes a busy schedule, which has been hard for the 38-year-old star to get used to. He’s quit smoking in an effort to boost his metabolism, although the star kind of wishes he hadn’t been so open about that. ‘I’ve given up smoking. Although I shouldn’t say that, because if I ever have a cigarette again it’ll be all over the place, ‘Oh, he lied.’ But, touch wood, I haven’t smoked for a month now and it’s really helping,’ he said. ‘I try to eat healthily, I try not to eat late at night - although that’s hard right now with the yo-yoing all over the world - and it really helps that I have a lot of great people around me to try to check that I’m doing well.’