S:     After a point, it’s just belligerence.

A:     How is it belligerence, struggling in the path of justice and freedom? That’s what struggles are, Sadiq. They take time. They take effort. They take a measure of self belief and stubborness.

S:     And repetition that does your head in?

A:     Some times repetition is important to get the point across. People forget easily. They get involved in their own lives, in the day to day. It becomes hard to keep sight of important political issues. That’s just human nature. All Imran Khan is doing, by all this repetition you are so bothered about, is reminding people. Reminding people of his cause, of his motivations. Reminding them that they deserve better, that they can get justice, that they must not settle. For this, he needs to believe in himself sincerely.

S:     Is that where the messiah complex comes in? Because it’s beginning to sound a lot like a game of “me, me, me.”

A:     We need a leader. Leaders lead. Usually alone.

S:     That’s where you’re wrong. Leaders lead by example. Leaders, great leaders, never lead alone. They surround themselves with wisdom, not with feudals and entrepreneurs with stakes in a corrupt, capitalist system themselves. Do you even hear yourself? You sound like one of Imran’s women’s wing admirers. You sure you don’t have a little crush on the man? Be honest.

A:     You’re funny, Sadiq. The man is a legend. We grew up admiring him.

S:     Yes. As a cricketer. As a philanthropist. As a captain in a sports stadium. Not as a politician. Not as a leader. I’m sorry, but you have to be more than an honest man to lead this country. You know what you need apart from stubbornness? You need a strategy. You know what the Islamabad dharna yesterday proved yet again? That he has no strategy. He improvises. He just goes with the flow and it haunts him each time. What a disappointment.

A:     Great wars can be won on the basis of belligerence. You can’t be well behaved if you want to make history.