Rawalpindi - A large number of PTI workers and supporters, including women, men, young girls, boys and children, proceeded towards Islamabad in shape of rallies from all over the district.

PTI MNA Khan Sarwar Khan and a local leader Chaudhry Nazir gathered a large number of people, who later moved towards the capital in the shape of a motorcade to take part in the public rally.

A mammoth pubic rally was taken out by PTI MNA Khan Sarawar Khan in Taxila. Holding party flags, banners and placards mentioning slogans against PML-N and in favour of Imran Khan, the attendees of the rally numbering in thousands reached Faizabad in shape of a convoy. “Go Nawaz Go” was the slogan being chanted by every participant of the rally.

Similarly, Chaudhry Nazir, a Dhamial-based PTI leader, put an impressive show of power by gathering a large number of party men. Later, he left Dhamial for Islamabad to take part in main rally. The participants of the rally were wearing party flags around their necks and holding flags in their hands.

Talking to The Nation, Chaudhry Nazir said that Imran Khan’s mammoth public gathering in Islamabad would jolt the PML-N camp. He said that Khan was out to purge the country of corrupt and looters, adding, “We will support him.”

A large number of small and big rallies of PTI also arrived at Faizabad from Azad Kashmir, Chakwal, Jhelum, Jatli, Sohawa, Gujar Khan, Rawat, Humak, Model Town, and Mandra areas. The participants of the rallies were bellowing anti-Nawaz slogans.

Meanwhile, two groups of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Rawalpindi entered into a verbal brawl before proceeding separately to participate in party’s Islamabad public rally.

The workers and supporters of both PTI leaders also exchanged harsh words and chanted slogans against each other.

According to details, PTI leaders Sadaqat Abbasi and MPA Ijaz Khan Jazi gathered their supporters and workers in their offices located along Benazir Bhutto Road to move towards Islamabad to make the public gathering of Imran Khan a success. In the meanwhile, a verbal brawl occurred between the supporters of two leaders, who started chanted slogans against each other. On the occasion, heated arguments were also exchanged. At one point, some supporters of both groups started clashing one another; however, senior office-bearers intervened and cooled them down.

The posters and banners of Ijaz Khan Jazi, displayed and pasted at Rehmanabad, Shamaabad and Sadiqabad, were torn up by the men of Sadaqat Abbasi. Later, both the leaders marched on Benazir Bhutto Road separately to go to Islamabad.

Chanting slogan against Nawaz government, the jubilant workers of PTI were also dancing on drum beats and party songs being played in their vehicles. The participants of Ijaz and Sadaqat rallies were also holding party flags, placards and portraits of their beloved leader Imran Khan. Many workers including women and girls painted their face with party flag, besides wearing caps, ribbons and bracelets depicting colours of PTI flag.

“We are going to Islamabad to support Imran Khan and bring change in the country. We will also kick the corrupt rulers out from power corridors,” said a group of young girls while taking to The Nation. They were heading towards the federal capital to participate in Khan’s public gathering.

Police had made strict security arrangements to avoid any untoward incident by deploying extra force on all the entry points of the district.