I was disappointed to hear Nawaz Sharif’ statement about Imran Khan and his sit-in. He derided Imran Khan as a nonentity and sounded benevolent in allowing 10-15 sitters every evening at D-Chowk, which he claimed could be routed out by a whistle from him. It was a cheap and mean statement, coming from a Prime Minister, chorused by his brother the Chief Minister, Punjab, his nephew Hamza Sharif. Another silly statement by ML-N is to equate the worst ever Punjab governance, waste of trillions of rupees in wasteful schemes such as ‘Saste Tandoor, Sasi Roti’, Yellow Taxi, Laptops, Metros, One Trillion Loans, BISF, Nandipur- 80 billion lost, hundreds of trillions in corruption, hundred percent inflation and increase in load shedding as something that can be handled soon.

Now the country has no gas, no electricity, the poor have no food and no drinking water, while there is no law and order, hundreds of thousands wasted to please and keep safe these corrupt rulers while polio workers and police and Army personal die daily. We can thank our PM for some humour, the ten million dollar fake smile and handshake with Modi in SARC, which has been championed as great success by ML-N friends and cohorts and their paid media seem to be making fun of our helpless masses.


Dubai, November 28.