GILGIT: The Khunjerab pass in Gilgit-Baltistan (G-B) International Border of Pak-China has been closed on Tuesday for all types of traffic for a period of four months.

The official source of immigration told The Nation that the route will remain closed due to heavy snow fall at Khunjerav Pass during the winters, under an agreement between the government of Pakistan and China signed in 1985 by both countries. Hundreds of containers are reportedly left in China because of the closure.

According to a source that the volume of trade between Pakistan and China was higer aftrer PM annograted the Attabad tunal than the past five years. This was low after the blockage of KKH at Attabad.

During the winter season tens of feets of snow fall on the Khunjerab pass, located between Lon 76.515° & Lat 35.904°. The pass connects China and Pakistan at an altitude of around 15, 000 feet above the sea level.