It seems the youth of Pakistan are not well acquainted with holistic concept of community services. Being among the gracious and conscientious citizens of Pakistan. It should be our paramount responsibility to take care of under-privileged people that belong to the same society and have possession of the same human rights as we do.

There are many people who endured natural disasters like floods, earthquakes etc. Though they survived but they had lost their crops, cattle and even their houses. Many other people had also lost their sole earning hands in terrorist attacks. People living in slums are facing the miserable living conditions. Besides, these there are many people with different problems related to our cultural and social restraints and all these need to be addressed as well.

So, I want to request the higher authorities like the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan through your newspaper, to declare community services as mandatory among the university students as a minimum. This will facilitate in character building not only of the youth but will also assist in bringing prosperity in our society. Moreover, it will also engage the youngsters in doing something productive that will for sure induce a sense of accountability among them.


Islamabad, November 19.