This children’s day, after finishing my homework I went to my father who was sitting in the lounge watching a news channel. While sitting with him, I was waiting for the right moment to request the custody of the remote, so that I could switch to my favourite channel. Meanwhile, horrible scenes of kids being killed in Syria, Kashmir and in cross-border firings between India and Pakistan came across my sight. I am in class six and know that Delhi and Lahore are twin sisters and they share sunshine, moonlight, summers and winters. I also observed that people look the same, speak the same language, have similar cultural and historical background and are almost alike in every other way. 

I understand that we the kids cannot separate ourselves from our elders, we at least can make them realise that peace is a must for our growth and well-being, and this is our right they should understand. We should join hands with each other. 


Lahore, November 28.