After choosing teaching as a profession, I am now able to understand the problems of my teachers. There is a gaping inequality between a teachers’ and students’ status. Most of the teachers are not the same status/position of their students. Students from widely known, popular private schools are financially stronger than their teachers. This also increases student to student inequality. However, as I said, the major inequality is between teachers and student.  

Unfortunately, students are conscious of this distinction. The administration is also accountable , by burdening teachers with a difficult system. These teachers are highly burdened they have to perform many different tasks in limited time including teaching. They need to give duties, write planners, check the students’ work, counter check, test reports, rough and final reports and many more. Such tasks are making teachers incapable of giving their full attention to their students. In result, it lessens the teachers importance. The administration needs to amend their management structure, they should increase the wages, especially in private schools in Sindh.  

There should be more focus on achieving concrete results from the efforts of both teachers and students rather than mere written evidences. It should be necessary to make the student a respectable person in their academic life, by teaching them the meaning of respect, so they give and get respect. Not to ask the teacher to have patience and to bear students’ intolerant behaviour. 


Hyderabad, October 29.