The working class pinned many hopes on the new government but found no relief in the policy assessment announced on Friday, said Awami Workers Party (AWP) Lahore President Ghulam Mujtaba and Secretary Shazia Khan. While the government is seeking an increase in indigenous and direct foreign investment, they said, it has not expressed any plan to improve conditions of the working class without whom no improvement can be expected in the environment necessary for industrial growth. “The contract labour is still deprived of the basic benefits even what the weak labour laws of the country guarantee to the oppressed working class. It is the need of the time that all the casual and seasonal labour be regularised and entitled to fundamental perks allowed by law by making them full members of the social security institution and by guaranteeing them at least minimum wages announced every year in the national budget.”  They said, “The peasants and small land owners of the country have been agitating time and again against the costly inputs and a lack of control on the prices of their output in the market. The sugar mill owners present excuses every year for not initiating crushing in time and for not paying suppliers of sugarcane for months. The government should devise a mechanism through national banks to pay sugarcane growers as promptly as it is done in case of wheat growers. “The government is also not fulfilling its obligations toward the Workers Welfare Board and the EOBI whose funds have been mismanaged on a large scale while the workers are languishing for different grants and pension payments. How can a smooth progress of industrial development be expected without addressing the long-due problems of the working class who are facing increasing hardships every coming day,” they said.–