Me as a Muslim i always cry for understanding the grief of beggers. They are usually seen knocking the doors, wandering in streets and bazaars in Pakistan. However, according to the latest report of (WHRO) the ratio of beggers is higher than other countries. Means Pakistan is on first page in regard beggers. For them begging is not a profession rather it is compulsion to do so. They do bear unbelievable and unbearable words for the sake of five rupees, they are abused as well. They are those people who don’t have two times food to eat and feed their small children. This ratio is not constant rather it is increasing. Now they are a serious threat for the socio- economy of the country. Since they never contribute something for the benefit of the country indeed their role has a negative impact in every sector of the country. As for the sake of betterment of the country I want to drag the attention of government to do something for the citizens so that they should play their role and contribute something for Pakistan.


Awaran, November 8.