The latest revelations about UK based big data mining company Cambridge Analytica have shocked the world. Even before western media reported on Cambridge Analytica (CA), Eurasia Future broke the story. Twenty million dollars were paid to this company. A credible source within the CA confirmed that CA has got a contract to change the behaviour of Pakistani masses in favor of one political party in Pakistan’s general election. Therefore, this company is firmly behind the narrative against Pakistan.

UK based business tycoon who is the son of an ex PM, made this deal with CA during the Panama scandal case in the Supreme Court of Pakistan. CA has the aim to meddle in the media through manipulation and fake news which resulted in the country’s social media users’ data, the data of Pakistani voters, electoral constituencies and census data being handed over to this controversial data mining firm.

It was equally shocking when a source revealed that CA virtually invented the concept of social media manipulations for a party in the general elections. It also transpired that CA mined the data of Pakistani university students and generally that of the youth. The data of the young and university students were collected during Prime Minister Laptop Scheme and PM’s Youth Program. In addition to Pakistani social media users, CA has already stolen data of millions of Facebook users worldwide. But the alarming thing for Pakistan is that CA has harvested all collected data of Pakistani citizens and categorized into biased and unbiased data for the political predictability in favor of one political party. CA is also working to establish influential data points on Pakistani voters as they did very successfully during Donald J Trump campaign.

More alarmingly for Pakistan, is that the CA is the political wing of SCL (Strategic Communication Laboratories) Group which worked for the British Ministry of Defense and its intelligence agency MI6. SCL has also done many military projects for NATO and it was also allegedly involved in Online Islamic State and al-Qaeda terrorist recruitment on behalf of the American State Department. This group also assisted global manipulators to bring color revolutions and regime changes in many countries. The founder of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange exposed its dirty work in Ukraine too as being behind the scenes to foster neo-Nazism among the Ukrainian youth. This group is also assisting American and NATO forces in Afghanistan and it has allegedly yielded hate within the Afghan people against Pakistan.

The political wing of the SCL is also openly manipulating Pakistan’s in-house affairs through fake news and it is propagating anti-State narrative against Pakistan by using the money and resources of ousted PM Nawaz Sharif. The uprising of Pashtun movement is staged by this CA/SCL group to strengthen the “greater Punjab” narrative crafted by some.

Truth speaks for itself.

I was the whistleblower who broke the story titled, “Hacking Democracy – Cambridge Analytica Turns to Pakistan”. This story was published weeks ago before the western whistleblowers came to the surface. I received a worldwide responsive from that exclusive story. Even Julian Assange supported my arguments about SCL (Strategic Communication Laboratories) group involvement in meddling in Ukraine, Afghanistan, and the Middle East. Many people asked for solid evidence about CA/SCL meddling in Pakistan. If the all powerful CIA failed to get any solid evidence about CA meddling in American democracy, then how can I give them a written agreement as proof? Yet I revealed more than mere documents because Cambridge Analytica is bound to hide the identity of its clients. It is my professional obligation as a journalist, not to disclose the inside sources.

In reality, if one observes the ongoing well-organized and well-managed campaign against Pakistan and its state intuitions, one can easily uncover the psychological warfare attack on Pakistan. People of Pakistan are already uneducated and unaware about this reality, so they are an easy target of such big global and local manipulators. Unfortunately, when it comes to controlling the mindset and changing the behaviour of Pakistani people, corrupt politicians and oligarchs are using looted taxpayer money of poor Pakistanis. Pakistan’s state institutions, especially the judiciary and its army are already under hybrid attack. We are well in the midst of witnessing the powerful target oriented smear campaign crafted by CA since the Panama scandal.

Lack of proficiency to prevent psychological warfare.

The US-India nexus has already waged Hybrid War on Pakistan as the country is facing a fifth generation warfare attack. Although the SCL group is very active against Pakistan in respect of fuelling hostility against Pakistan from Afghanistan under the umbrella of NATO/US forces, now its political involvement in Pakistan’s in-house affairs poses great threats to the sovereignty of the state as it has boosted nationalist movements and ethnic conflicts to weaken the federation. Therefore, the deep state came forward to counter this game plan of breaking Pakistan by gathering all ethnic groups under the flag of united Pakistan. The election results for the Senate is a sign that for once, this unity effort has been successful.

These results brought a pro-Pakistan Baloch to the front line of politics by electing a Baloch as the chairman of Pakistan’s Upper House, with the support of Sindhi, Saraiki, and Pashtun. In other words, the Pakistani establishment and all opposition parties countered the sectarian rhetoric with the genuine narrative of a patriotic Balochistan. Sadly, when taken in totality, Pakistan has no capacity to fight against CA/SCL mythologized psychographic profiling and targeting capabilities. Even the American deep state failed to counter such psychological warfare. The data which was stolen from Pakistan is now embedded deep in the virtual world and there is no proficient Pakistani institution that can track the stolen data or take action against the thieves. It is extremely difficult, even Pakistan is unable to take action against Facebook as it has become the world biggest surveillance machine, working closely with the CIA.

In fact, the cyber regime has given a birth to internet governance globally. Dominance over cyberspace appeared as a geopolitical tool between various political organizations, countries and even alliances of states. American dominance over cyberspace pushed its rival countries, Russia and China to join hands in trying to block American attempts at surveillance by sharing a powerful firewall. Therefore they are safe from such western sponsored data-war, but countries like Pakistan are very easy to target, that’s why foreign exported manipulation always works here.

Data has gone and elections are coming and data that has been stolen has already been put to use by the professional manipulators. Unfortunately, data thieves are still running the country. The ex government never took action because the people within the then government had provided the psychological profiles of its citizens to the foreign manipulator firms for the greed of power. In this regard, it is the responsibility of state institutions to act in the national interest to take stringent action to protect citizen data and foreign sponsored meddling so that Pakistan’s sovereignty can be saved.