I am writing this letter to put a spotlight on a very critical issue which is the downfall of country’s economy. The actual reason of country’s economy downfall is corruption and money laundering.

Corruption is the act that destroy the financial institutions completely and left the country’s reserves empty. In previous government times, there is massive corruption had done in major government departments and no one cares about it. Resultantly, our reserves has been finished and new government faced a lot of trials and difficulties to run the country’s economy. This led to increase the tax on every commodity and caused hiking in the price of Petroleum products, Sui Gas and electricity. As PTI government needs a lot of funds to reinstate the country’s economy and these funds would be collected from the peoples.

The main motive of PTI government, is to make our economy enough strong as we do not need to borrow any additional debt from IMF in future. To achieve this objective, PTI government should increase the investments which will ultimately increase dollar inflows and to focus on to increase our exports. PTI government should also play an active role to restrain the corruption and money laundering and made a policy to bringing back the lost wealth of Pakistan. Once it is back, Our economy would lift up and ultimately debts would decreased.


Lahore, November 8.