LOS ANGELES-Emily Blunt loves that John Krasinski is a ‘’bit of a crier’’.

The 35-year-old actress’ spouse recently confessed he couldn’t stop the tears from falling when he watched her in the title role of her new movie ‘Mary Poppins Returns’ and she’s pleased he was ‘’overcome with joy’’.

She told ‘Extra’: ‘’He’s a bit of a crier. I love that in men. He was just so overcome with joy and that’s what everyone feels coming out of this film.’’

While Emily - who has daughters Hazel, four, and Violet, two, with John - jumped at the chance to be in the music, she was worried about taking on such an ‘’iconic’’ role, especially as Mary was originally played by the equally legendary Dame Julie Andrews. She said: ‘’It is all kind of crazy. I was instantly in, but also full of trepidation, she’s so iconic and Julie Andrews is so iconic, so how do I do my version of her?’’

And the British actress didn’t particularly enjoy shooting scenes where the magical nanny flew through the air. She said: ‘’I didn’t love it, it’s being 60ft in the air and dangling from a crane and just hoping someone attached the wire from it.

‘’I feel like Tom Cruise hanging off that building - though he’d have loved it and it would have been a walk in the park for him, doing the entrance.’’

John recently admitted he went through an entire box of tissues while watching the movie for the first time.

He confessed: ‘’I tried to prepare them for how emotional it is. The first time I ever saw it, they give you a tissue box in the screening room. I was like, ‘Oh that’s very nice, I don’t have a cold.’ ‘’And they started screening the movie and 25 minutes into the movie I stood up and went to the back of the room and Emily said, ‘Do you not like it? I’ve never seen this happen.’

‘’I was pushing through all of the muffins and bagels that were in the back looking for napkins.