KARACHI  -   Pasban Chief Altaf Shakoor Friday said that the IDEAS 2018 is the success story of our defence technology and it has showcased the expertise of Pakistani defence scientists, who are our national pride. In a statement, he said the hugely successful IDEAS2018 is heartening and welcome news for the whole nation.

He said we congratulate the government and Chief of Army Staff on holding this successful event, and showing the world the great defence capabilities of Pakistan.

He said we are happy that Pakistan despite its limited economic resources had taken great strides in the field of defense production, and astonished the whole world.

The Pasban president said this exhibition proved that Pakistani scientists and technicians were not behind any other nation in the flied of defence technology and production. He said Pakistan proved its prowess in land, naval and air defence. He said this exhibition would cast positive impact on the national defence and play a vital role to make it impregnable. He said it would also morally argument the cause of Kashmir and struggle of Kashmiri freedom fighters as Kashmir is our jugular vein.