As we see teenagers, least aware about their surroundings, resulting into a non-concerned behavior towards everyone, parents are no exception. No matter, we are paying the cost of this no or least contribution of youth into the environment; we see that parents are the direct cost centers of this behavior. One is pushed to think and ponder about the possible reasons and cannot ignore that there is a huge lack of direction and they don’t exactly know about the aristocratic path and their “*ought to be”s*” precisely. They don’t know properly about their actual responsibilities towards parents, teachers and society.

Actually, Teen age is the stage where boys and girls develop and groom. This is the time they need exceptional ministration which could shape their personality appealing. And this development and grooming based on various factors which include the teachings and counseling of parents and teachers, company of friends, influence of environment and society etc.

But the major cost centers i.e. parents are to play the major role in setting the foundation of a correct direction to the youngsters. They must keep an eye on them and talk to them going down to their level of interest and sharing their day to day activities and challenges. This will enable them to share a very close and personal bonding with their kids and the feelings would be shared and valued on both ends. The results would be visible not only domestic but national levels as well, giving a healthy lift to the country and its citizens.


Lahore, November 8.