Prime Minister Imran Khan on Saturday has responded to those who were criticizing his 'chicken formula' to combat extreme poverty in the rural areas of Pakistan.

The premier took to social networking website Twitter and citing Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates poultry initiative ‎to empower impoverished families, he wrote, “For the colonised minds, when ‎desis talk about chickens combating poverty they get mocked but when"walaitis" talk about desi ‎chicken and poverty its brilliance.”‎ 

Earlier, during an address in a ceremony related to government’s 100 days, PM Imran said he will give eggs ‎and chickens to rural women so they can start their own poultry business. ‎The project has been tested and the government will also ensure to provide injections to ‎them for raising the chickens faster, he added.

n 2016, Bill Gates said a farmer starting with five hens could earn $1,000 a year, compared with the ‎extreme poverty line of $700 a year. Eventually, he wanted to help 30 per cent of rural African families ‎raise chickens.

On the project's official website Bill Gate wrote, "some may ridicule this plan but I believe it will have an impact."