The Pakistan Muslim League–Nawaz (PML-N) has demanded an investigation into the shocking rise in dollar value against the Pakistani rupee.

Speaking to media in Islamabad, PML-N leader Muhammad Zubair said that the dollar rate has increased by Rs11 in one day, which has never happened before. “The continuous rise in dollar value is badly damaging country’s economy,” he added.

The former Sindh governor said that the alarming rise in inflation has perturbed the poor. He said, “The PML-N government took difficult decisions in the first hundred days of its government and the international organisations lauded measures taken by the previous government.”

“We didn’t tell other countries that the previous ruling party looted everything,” he added. Zubair said that the Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan, while addressing the event of PTI government’s 100-day performance at Convention Centre in Islamabad, told lies regarding foreign debts.