ISLAMABAD-Islamabad Electric Supply Company (IESCO) Friday issued a power suspension schedule for two days (December 1 -2) for various areas of its region due to necessary maintenance and routine development work.  According to IESCO spokesman, the power supply of different feeders and grid stations would remain suspended on 1st December, 10:00am to 02:00pm, Jhatla, Pera Fathial, Main Bazar, Malikwal feeders.


On 2nd December 09:00am to 04:00pm, Shamas Colony, Azhar abad, C.W.O, Golra, Chairing Cross, P&T feeders, 09:00am to 05:00pm, CMH Jhelum (Exempted), F-1 (F.T.M), F-5 (Jada), F-3 (Gul Afshan), Pak Tambaco Co., COD Kala, Langerpur, Zubair Shaheed, F-6 Machine Moh, F-8 Civil Line, Akram Shaheed, F-7 (Katchery), Ajmal Shaheed, Sanghi, Nathwala, Safdar Shaheed, F-13 (Garmala), Sana Ullah Shaheed, F-10 (Kala Base), F-9 (Chak Daulat), Pakhwal, F-2 (Chip Board), Jakkar, Barrian, Abbas Pura, Industrial, Domeli, Bhagwal, Padial, Hasnote feeders and surrounding areas.