Moscow - Russia on Friday strongly condemned the attack on Chinese consulate by the terrorist outfit Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA) on November 23.

During Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ (MOFA) weekly briefing, senior Pakistani journalist Ishtiaq Hamdani pointed out Britain’s double standards regarding the terrorists and terrorist organizations.

He sought Russia’s response over UK’s providing refuge to Hyrbyar Marri, who heads the militant organization which claimed the attack on Chinese consulate in Karachi.

In response, Russian foreign ministry spokesperson Maria Zhakharova said Moscow strongly condemns the attack as there is no justification for such an act [of terrorism].

She demanded further information on the subject of Hyrbyar Marri’s political asylum in Britain to analyse the case further.


Russian Northern Fleet's Severomorsk anti-submarine ship is participating in joint Russian-Pakistani anti-piracy drills called Arabian Monsoon-2018, the fleet's press service said on Friday.

"Today, the Northern Fleet's Severomorsk anti-submarine ship has started its participation in the active phase of the international Russian-Pakistani anti-piracy exercise Arabian Monsoon-2018," the press service's statement, published on the official website of the Russian Defense Ministry, said.

The drills are being held in the northern parts of the Arabian Sea, in the Indian Ocean, with the Russian and Pakistani sailors training joint actions aimed at countering piracy and other illicit activities in the sea, the statement said.

The Russian side to the naval drills is also represented by the Kama tanker, while the Pakistani Navy has brought the Saif frigate, the Quwwat missile boat, the Karrar patrol boat and the Sikorsky SH-3 Sea King warfare helicopter.

Earlier in the day, the Severomorsk ship ended its unofficial visit to the Pakistani port city of Karachi. The ship has been operating in the Indian Ocean since late September, according to the Northern Fleet.


Russia condemns BLA attack on Chinese consulate