LAHORE         -      American Business Forum recently held elections for the Board of Governors. The newly elected Board unanimously agreed on finalizing the office bearers. According to the formal results announced, Vaseem Anwar, CEO of Echo West, has been elected as the President of ABF, Afsar Mahmoud, CEO of Expeditors, has been elected as Senior Vice President, Ayesha Hamid, CEO of Asian American School of International Academics, has been elected as Vice President, Usman Khalid Waheed, CEO of Ferozsons Laboratories, has been elected as Vice President whereas Anwar Kabir, CEO of Brand Spectrum, has been elected as Secretary General of American Business Forum.

American Business Forum (ABF) was formed by responsible group heads of American owned and affiliated companies in November 2008. It serves as a high level platform for facilitating American businesses in Pakistan where they can interact and better understand the business challenges. The Forum enables members to communicate, interact and benefit from experiences and knowledge of the other members.