ISLAMABAD       -        Chairman Capital Development Authority (CDA) Amer Ali Ahmed has sought explanation from all officers and officials of the Information Technology Directorate on inefficiency and casual attitude towards discharge of official duties.

In this connection, the member administration has issued explanation letter wherein officers and officials of I.T Directorate have been directed to submit the reply within three days.

According to explanation letter, it has been conveyed that the performance of the I.T Directorate is not up to the mark especially the input and utility of I.T Directorate is absolutely zero and failed to establish effective monitoring, evaluation and financial management system which is causing delays in official work.

All officers and officials have also been directed to give individual report containing their performance and task completed during their stay at I.T Directorate so that their performance would be evaluated.

Furthermore, they have been further directed to submit report on their contribution and initiatives towards automation of procedure during their stay at I.T Directorate. Officers and official have been further directed to submit their replies to Member Administration within three days failing which the disciplinary proceedings will be initiated against the officers/officials under the prevailing rules.

In the meanwhile, Chairman CDA Amer Ali Ahmed while taking notice of the misplacing, missing of official files/record/documents of various Directorates especially Estate Wing, Planning Wing, Building Control, Land and Rehabilitation, One Window Directorate, Law Wing and HRD Directorate which causes delay in performance of official duties of officers and officials and also create embarrassing situation at different forums, has directed that in case of misplacement or missing of officials files concerned Director, Deputy Director, Assistant Director and Dealing Assistant will be held responsible in future.

In this context, the Member Administration has also issued letter wherein officers have been directed to ensure save custody of files and other official documents. It has been further directed that the record should be kept in safe custody/record room and CCTV cameras to be installed to monitor in and out movement of the officials.