Late on Saturday night, unidentified gunmen abducted a female student in DHA Karachi. In the process of her abduction, a friend she was with was shot. 

The student, identified as Dua Nisar Mangi, was taken from Chai Master Bukhari, a popular "dhaba"-style cafe in a more affluent part of Karachi. 

"Dua Mangi (is) a bright student whom I met during election campaign last year was abducted last night near Chai Master & her friend Haris was shot," shared lawyer and activist Jibran Nasir. 

Although the details of the incident are still unclear as Haris Fateh, the shot student, still cannot speak to police, it is being said that Fateh was shot as he was attempting to save Mangi. 

The family of the abducted Mangi has been in contact with police since last night, but no suspects or traces of those who were involved with last night's incident have yet been found. A social media campaign is currently underway in the hope that Mangi's disappearance will attract the government's attention.