It is very depressing to highlight the dishonesty of Karachi International Airport (KHI) workers. I am the resident of Turbat, Balochistan and I wanted to visit Qatar since my father is a employee in that country. I bought the ticket and it was the time of my flight at Monday night. I reached at the airport and boarding was being done.

I showed my passport, ticket and other all of the requirements which I had. The checker made me stand aside, he checked other all of the travelers and let them go to take their flight. At last, he called me and told me that they cannot let me take the flight and go to Qatar.

I asked, “why?” He told me that you do not have credit card and it is one of the rule and requirement of Qatar that every visitors must be having a credit card. I said it should have been told at the time when I bought the ticket. I am under 18 years and none of the bank in Pakistan issue credit card to me even I cannot open a bank account. He said sorry sir, we cannot do anything. My eyes were full of tears at that moment and I left the airport.

Thus, I request the concerned authorities to take immediate action against these dishonest workers so that another visitors like me must not be deceived and their heart must not break down.