NEW DELHI (Agencies) - Accusing the Congress-led government of dithering in taking strong steps against terrorists, BJP President Rajnath Singh said on Saturday that his party would opt for surgical strikes to demolish terror camps inside Pakistan if it came to power. BJP would take other countries into confidence on the need for such surgical strikes if it came to power after the Lok Sabha polls, to be held later this year, he told an election rally in Indian city of Itanagar. "True there had been attacks on Parliament and on Akshardham and Raghunath temples during the BJP rule. But the morale of securitymen was high then and most of the terrorists were killed by security personnel. The Congress-led government has failed to hang Afzal Guru for his involvement in the attack on Parliament despite court verdict," he added. The BJP and allies, if voted to power, would not 'waste time' in carrying out the court verdict on Guru, he said and appealed to the people to throw out the Congress-led alliance in the coming polls as it had failed on all fronts. This government had withdrawn POTA and denied involvement of Pakistanis in the terrorist acts. "But after the Mumbai attacks, good sense has prevailed and it at last enacted some law to replace POTA, though not as stringent."The new law is so loose that even Pak terrorist Ajmal Kasab could not be tried under it," he said.