WE smell trouble. While Britney Spears has been busy rehearsing for her upcoming tour, her ex hubby Kevin Federline has been spending a lot of time with new girlfriend Victoria Prince. Since he has full custody of their two boys, Jayden James and Sean Preston that means his new girlfriend is playing mommy to his boys. And let's just say Britney isn't happy about it. Earlier this week there were photos of K-Fed and Victoria in Fresno, CA. with the boys. Victoria was embracing Jayden James in one of the photos and he's giving her a huge hug. Sources close to Britney say that while she was initially really mad when the photos surfaced, she soon burst into tears. She's terrified that his new girlfriend is going to take her place as their part time mother. - HS According to the Chicago Sun Times, Britney and K-Fed got into a screaming match and Britney reportedly yelled, "[I don't want] that c"t anywhere near my kids" We can't blame Britney for being so upset. We were even distraught after those photos It doesn't matter if she's over K-Fed or not, those photos would not sit well with any mother. Victoria isn't exactly mother material either. Just last year she was arrested for assault and disturbing the peace. Back in High School she was charged with possession of a dangerous weapon on school premises and possession of alcohol by a minor. We just hope the boys don't start calling Victoria "mommy" when Britney's away on tour. That would be horrible Ugggh. - HS