One cannot be more confused than at present. Take the additional marks award case of CJ's daughter for example; all newspapers are condemning the decision to allow re-marking whilst it is clearly a welcome new right for aggrieved students who feel their answer sheets need better paper-checkers, or this sort of redress if the papers have not been checked properly. The re-marking option will also prevent revengeful teachers from persecuting students they don't like. Besides, why raise such hue and cry when we dishonour board results by instituting additional entry tests already? To add further to confusion, one PML-N personality handling this in legislative houses says this matter will now be decided in prospective student rally. Additionally, the PML-N chief says tens of thousands of students had their right tempered by this single person marks upgradation. A former board official was quoted saying that the Pandora's box has opened. Further confusion is caused by the question that what would change after this verdict? -M. SHAIKH, Islamabad, via e-mail, January 18.