LAHORE - The Defence Police have arrested and sent behind bars SHO Ghalib Market Ihsan Ashraf Butt and a head constable for committing robbery in the house-cum-guest-house of the Prime Minister's close friend in the Defence Housing Authority. The case was registered against eight police officials including the SHO Ghalib Market who made his entry in 183-HH, DHA residence of Sheikh Muhammad Ayyub, close friend of Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani, by scaling the walls along with other policemen in the name of 'police raid'. But interestingly, neither the record of the conducted raid was found at the police station nor the SP, DSP or other senior officers concerned had prior knowledge or information about the raid. The allegations against the SHO and other policemen proved true in a high level inquiry carried out by the SSP Operations on the directions of CCPO Pervez Rathore when matter was brought to his knowledge. The other policemen, however, are still at large and different police teams had been conducting raids for their arrest. According to findings of the inquiry report, SHO Ghalib Market Ihsan Ashraf Butt and other policemen conducted an illegal raid at the residence of Sheikh Ayyub some days back and held up all the inmates at gunpoint. He thrashed employees, subjected them to severe torture and asked them to handover the police six thousand bottles of liquor the family had concealed in the house. He told the family that he was tipped off that some valuables including liquor and gold ornaments looted in robberies were present in the house. He asked them to handover the looted items otherwise be ready to face strict police action. Some employees sustained injuries due to severe torture. It was further revealed in the inquiry report that the SHO and other policemen later on collected cash, gold ornaments and other valuables from the house and disappeared while threatening the inmates of dire consequences for perusing them. Before leaving the house, the SHO introduced himself as CIA Police Inspector Muhammad Atif to conceal his identity deliberately when one of the family members asked him about his name and his posting in police station. He also gave wrong cell phone number to the family. The family contacted on the cell phone given by the SHO but nobody attended it. They also searched for Inspector Atif in the CIA police but to no avail. Ultimately, Sheikh Ayyub's manager appeared before the CCPO and told him about the incident. The CCPO directed the SSP Operations to conduct inquiry into the matter. During the course of the inquiry, the CIA SP and other senior police officers told the SSP that there was no police officer working in the CIA police with the name Atif. In the meanwhile, a policeman from the Ghalib Market Police Station informed the senior police officers about the involvement of the SHO and some other policemen of the station in the incident being probed by them. A police head constable namely Jaffar was arrested who during interrogation confessed to his crime and disclosed that the illegal raid was conducted in the supervision of SHO Ghalib Market Ihsan Ashraf Butt.A case was later registered against the SHO and other policemen in the Defence Police Station on the directions of the police high-ups. The SP Investigation Cantt called SHO Ihsan Ashraf Butt at his office without brining into his knowledge the FIR registered against him in the Defence Police Station. As soon as the SHO entered the SP's office, policemen already deputed there arrested him and later sent him to the police lock up of Defence-A Police Station. A source in the Ghalib Market Police Station, however, claimed that one of the two arrested police officials namely Jaffar used to get liquor from the said guest-house for some police officers.