LAHORE - A 33-member team of Pakistani doctors dispatched with relief goods including medicines and surgical equipments for the help of Palestinians in Gaza, has been stopped by the Egypt authorities on the border. "Egypt police and border forces misbehaved with Pakistani doctors and did not allow them to cross Gaza border for the treatment of the injured and ailing Palestinians," Prof Dr Nusrat Ali, heading the team of Pakistani doctors, told The Nation when contacted on his cell phone in Egypt. He said it was matter of great concern that the government of a Muslim country disgraced the doctors and stopped them on the border despite knowing that Palestinians babies and women are crying for treatment and food some miles away from the border. "We reached Egypt after getting NOC that meant the governments of the both countries, Egypt and Pakistan are bound to facilitate the medical team morally and on humanity grounds," Dr Nusrat said. He said the Pakistani embassy was not showing its interest in resolving the issue and left them helpless on the border near Gaza. He termed it an inhuman attitude of the Egypt authorities and appealed to the Pakistani government to intervene and put pressure on the brother country to give them safe passage for the treatment of injured patients. When contacted Yasmin Rehman, Chairperson National Assembly Health Committee, said that matter has been brought to her knowledge and efforts are underway in this regard. She said that it was responsibility of the Egypt government to facilitate the medical experts who are working for a noble cause and left their homeland for the help of trapped Muslims. Prof Dr Javed Akram, Principal Allama Iqbal Medical College strongly condemned the attitude of the Pakistani government and Egyptian authorities towards the doctors being disgraced in what he called a 'so-called Muslim country'. While expressing his utter disappointment and anguish he said that to stop the medical team at the Gaza border was a serious violation of the human rights despite the fact that the team of doctors was dispatched following all the necessary clearance of the authorities concerned. "Our Palestinian brothers including children are crying for treatment and dying helplessly just few miles away from the Gaza border but it is shameful that the doctors are not allowed for the help of trapped people," Dr Javed said. He also strongly criticized the role of the Pakistani government which made no efforts to convince the Egyptian government in this regard and announced that the medical community will launch protest against the attitude of the governments of both countries if matter was immediately not resolved. He urged the Foreign Minister to intervene in the larger interest of humanity and Muslim brothers and vowed that doctors would not leave the ailing Palestinians at the mercy of Israel and would knock every door for the help of our brothers in Palestine.