ISLAMABAD (NNI)- Annual elections of all the affiliated union of Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ), has been completed on Friday, January 30 with over 80 per cent turn out, according to the results received by the PFUJ. Besides, over 3,000 voters also elected some 100 delegates for next month's Biannual Delegates Meeting (BDM), in Faislabad. In Islamabad, Shahryar Khan and Bilal Tahim were elected President and General Secretary respectively of Rawalpindi-Islamabad Union of Journalists (RIUJ). Ahsan Zia and Rana Azeem were elected as President and General Secretary of Punjab Union of Journalists (PUJ). Javed Asghar Chaudhry and Mr Amind Yusuf were elected as President and General Secretary of Karachi Union of Journalists (KUJ). Mohammad Riaz and Abdul Khaliq as President and General Secretary of Khyber Union of Journalists (KHUJ). They defeated their rival candidates in keenly contested elections during which large number of voters cast their votes. Earlier, Majid Fauj and Abdul Khaliq of Balochistan Union of Journalists (BUJ), Ajmal Malik and Qadeer Sikhandar of Faislabad Union of Journalists (FUJ) and Shahid Chaudhry and Tariq Tanoli of Abbottabad Union of Journalists were elected un opposed. For the past four years Ujs were being held every year on January 30, as per decision of the PFUJ in order to generate more interest among the members. The delegates will now elect the future PFUJ body for the year 2009-2011, during BDM to be held in March in Faislabad. President of PFUJ, Huma Ali and Secretary General, Mazhar Abbas have congratulated all the elected office-bearers, members executive councils and the delegates. They said that the participation of voters in large number clearly showed they trust on their Unions. They hope the new office-bearers will keep the glorious democratic traditions of the PFUJ and will continue the struggle for the freedom of the Press, economic rights of the newspaper workers and for professional excellence.