Law and order situation in Punjab has gone from bad to worse. Huge funds have been doled out to the police force by providing new transport and wireless equipment and by increasing their pay and allowances by almost 100%. Still, one hardly sees any improvement in their functioning and efficiency. Ex-CM Pervez Ellahi had granted them a huge amount for budget. The present CM, who claims himself to be Khadim of Punjab has hardly done anything to improve the law and order in Punjab which ultimately has to be handled from the top. I had submitted a written report to CM Punjab for his personal attention but his staff had put it in the dustbin. Efficiency of CM's complaint staff also needs to be improved. Lots of hopes were pinned on Mr. Shahbaz Sharif as he was reputed to be a good administrator. Perhaps the CM is just too busy settling the political affairs with Punjab Governor and does not accord priority to the law and order situation in the province. -LT COL (Retd) MOHAMMAD SUNAWAR CH, Rawalpindi, via e-mail, January 18.