Pakistan and India are traditional rivals who have fought four wars since they came into being. A continuous situation of border clashes and skirmishes is the routine. No matter how many peace processes and resultant cultural exchanges take place, trade relations are hailed, cricket matches played and bus/train services run between our two countries, the hatred in the hearts of the people on both sides remains intact. The Mumbai attacks have ignited this hatred once again. A war of words, propaganda and aggressive diplomacy has started. Media on both sides is fuelling the propaganda and counterpropaganda campaign. If there is a war between Pakistan and India, it will no longer remain conventional. The nuclear buttons will be likely pushed to destroy everything in minutes. While India needs to behave sensibly, Pakistan needs to be more open, cooperative and credible with the investigations it has to undertake on terrorism. -NAUSHEEN YOUSAF, Islamabad, via e-mail, January 17.