THIS is how you see off a love rival, gorilla-style. With teeth bared and enormous arms swinging, the two huge apes hurl themselves towards each other. This moment, just before they clashed in mid-air, was captured by a visitor to the Kent zoo where the western lowland gorillas live. The action photograph earned Nicholas Godsell the runner-up prize in an annual photography competition run by Port Lympne zoo near Folkestone, in conjunction with Howletts near Canterbury. The 33-year-old, sales manager for a computer company, said: 'I can't believe I got a shot like that. I was watching these two gorillas getting more and more aggressive with each other. 'And then suddenly they both just leapt at each other with mouths open - it looked really quite scary. 'I just happened to have my finger on the shutter button and pushed at just the right time. 'This is the only shot I have with them like this. I can't believe my luck. 'It was one of those once-in-a-lifetime things. I have a degree in fine art, and really enjoy photography, so getting a picture like this was a big thrill.' The contest was judged by professional photographer Vic Sharratt, who said: 'Nicholas's shot has captured movement and action with one animal in the air.'Port Lympne's director of fundraising projects, Robert Boutwood, said: 'We didn't realise how popular the competition would be. We urge everyone to keep on snapping.' - Daily Mail Adrian Harfield, the animal director at Port Lympne, near Ashford, said: 'Troubles start when one gorilla tries to move in on another male's mate and we have these flare-ups. 'They appear to be nasty, but injuries are extremely rare. They bare their teeth and flap their arms around, but after giving each other a few slaps they basically run away from each other'. - Daily Mail