PAKISTAN's High Commissioner to Britain Wajid Shamsul Hassan's statement while giving interview to an Indian TV channel that the Mumbai attacks were not planned inside Pakistan can be described as uncalled for at this stage when an inquiry is still going on. Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani attending the World Economic Forum meeting at Davos is not happy with Mr Wajid's statement and felt that he had spoken too soon. The Prime Minister is right in saying that since he himself was not in a position to comment at the moment, the high commissioner should not have said anything. Mr Wajid could have simply said that the inquiry was in progress. He would comment once it was over. On a matter of national security, this discrepancy at such a high level is unfortunate. Earlier Adviser on National Security Mahmood Ali Durrani had said that the terrorist Ajmal Kasab was of Pakistani origin, something that shocked the Prime Minister who ordered his dismissal. The state of affairs reflects an utter lack of coordination. It is unfortunate that officials make comments on something without knowing the exact official position giving everyone a surprise. On issues of sensitive nature especially, only a few officials should have the authorization to make remarks. And for that the government should be taking a cue from India, where only three or four officials have expressed the official view on the Mumbai attacks.