WASHINGTON - A Pakistan Embassy spokesman Saturday denied reports in a section of the Pakistani press that the landmark bipartisan legislative measure aimed at significantly boosting U.S. economic assistance for Pakistan was dead, saying it was on track and would be taken up soon. Responding to questions, spokesman Nadeen Kiani said the measure, known as Biden-Lugar Act, could be passed in six to eight weeks, as it enjoys bi-partisan support. Biden, as chairman of the powerful Senate Foreign Relations Committee, authored last year a Pakistan aid bill with Indiana Republican Senator Richard Lugar that would authorize a tripling of nonmilitary aid to Islamabad, to $1.5 billion annually, for five years. The cash was to go to help improve schools, build clinics, drill wells and reform police in Pakistan. In his former post as a senator from Illinois, President Barack Obama also signed on as a co-sponsor. The bill also calls for greater accountability on security assistance, to improve Pakistani counterterrorism capabilities and ensure more effective efforts against the Taliban and al-Qaeda. The Biden-Lugar measure was passed by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in July but never got a vote in the full Senate. The spokesman said since one of the co-sponsors -- Joseph Biden -- has become the vice president of the United States, the legislation would bear the name of Senator John Kerry, the new chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. APP adds: Meanwhile, Congressional and diplomatic sources told APP that the 111th U.S. Congress is also likely to introduce another vital legislation on allowing Reconstruction Opportunity Zones in its spring session. Karachi-born Congressman Chris Van Hollen, the sponsor of legislative measure that would allow the preferential trade ROZs programme, plans to meet top Pakistani leaders in Islamabad in the next few days to discuss bilateral economic cooperation.