Your editorial comment (Jan 16) titled 'Lower the ante' is timely because of pragmatic considerations rather than political expediency. The country is facing a myriad set of internal and external problems and can ill-afford political destabilization because of lawyers' proposed Long March and sit-in on March 9. There are no two opinions that restoration of Mr Iftikhar Chaudhry, as Chief Justice would ensure independence of judiciary. It would, in fact, be a hallmark of the establishment of true rule of law in the country. But there are facts on the ground that have to be considered. For present, the ruling hierarchy and its hangers-on, mainly the beneficiaries of NRO, are loathes accepting the demand for restoration of Mr Chaudhry. The PPP coterie's opposition to former Chief Justice is understandable as it fears his restoration can lead to the annulment of NRO rendering PPP's political rule to the dustbin of history. A way out of this dilemma should be found to continue with the present political dispensation for the stability of the country. Moral and ethical consideration pertaining to NRO is certainly a matter for the posterity to judge and a lesson for our political elite to learn. -IQBAL SHAH, Lahore, via e-mail, January 18.