Pakistan is probing the Mumbai terror attacks in a manner an investigating agency "should proceed" and has sent two sets of questions to India's dossier handed over to it, one of which has already been replied to, a top government functionary has said. "What I am aware of is that after the receipt of the dossier by Pakistan, the Pakistan government has reverted to us and asked number of questions to which answers have been provided," Indian National Security Advisor M K Narayanan told Karan Thapar in CNN-IBN's 'Devil's Advocate' programme. He was responding to a query on Pakistan High Commissioner in Britain Wajid Shamsul Hasan's recent statement in which he had said that Pakistani soil was not used for planning the Mumbai terror strikes. Narayanan said, "I assume that they are yet to receive reply to the second set of queries they have made. So, I don't know what the Pakistan High Commissioner in London is talking about. I can only say that it is part of the dysfunctional manner in which several things are taking place in that country." Asked if he was satisfied with the Pakistani response to the dossier, he said, "I don't know what the word satisfied (means) but certainly they appear to be taking things seriously and at least they are proceeding in a manner that one would expect an investigating agency to proceed, asking queries and not taking everything that is given at the face value that has been given. "So it is good news from our point of view. (But) whether after all this they would still accept the truth that will kind of hit them in the face, that I don't know." On the issue of Pakistan reverting back with sets of questions based on the dossier, Narayanan said, "So as far as we are concerned, we believe that Pakistan is making an attempt to arrive at the truth." He also said India is giving Pakistan every opportunity to "prove its bona fide" in the matter. "Pakistan has been making a claim that non-state actors were involved. That means Pakistani state in not involved. If the Pakistani state is not involved, then there is no reason why they should be not be honest about it," he said. Replying to a poser by Thapar on whether he thinks that Pakistan would behave the same way as (the flip-flops) in the past, the NSA said, "I am being careful. I on camera and I don't want say something that I may have to withdraw later on. You know my past record on this matter. I am suspicious of what Pakistan's intent is but I am giving them an opportunity. "We have provided them with the dossier. They have reverted with certain queries, we have replied to their queries and I presume that they will have more questions and we will assist them. We have taken what I call a very conscious policy of saying if they wish us to assist in their investigations, we will do the utmost. What their response is going to be - from the kind of flip-flops that we have seen from time time, I cannot say." Narayanan also said that Pakistan should hand over the masterminds of the terror attacks as demanded by India. "If Pakistan is honest of its intention, if Pakistan believes that terrorism needs to be stamped out from their country and those elements that have been spreading terrorism elsewhere, then it is very simple matter -- handing over those who have been named in the FIR. That is how the country that believes in helping each other acts," he said.